Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon


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Electricity Science Kit for Kids

Help children to discover the fun of science with this Electricity Science Kit, designed to encourage them to learn about electricity and energy in a way that’s both educational and interesting. Kids will be eager to explore the 7 experiments in the Electricity Science Kit, and with our additional suggested activities, they can take their hands-on education further. Young scientists will learn about static electricity, as well electrons, conductivity and electron bridges. This fun STEM electricity kit puts the control in the hands of your children or students, allowing them to investigate and learn at their own pace in a way that makes them eager to share what they’ve learned with others.

This Electricity Science Kit is also a fantastic addition to any classroom, as it includes group learning challenges for one to four children. Our STEM electricity kit can also be used for inspiration for your child’s next science fair project, giving them an opportunity to show off their knowledge and imagination in an exciting and inventive way. Our colorful activity guides are easy to understand and will keep children invested in what they’re learning. Help your children explore these fun STEM electricity activities or allow them discover the answers on their own – with many unique lessons and projects, there’s something for every child in our Electricity Science Kit.

What’s Included?

STEM Electric Science Kit*
Seven experiments
Suggested take-it-further activities
Activity guide

*STEM Electric Science Kit Includes:

Energy Stick Conductor
Two 19-inch latex balloons (when inflated)
Clear cylinder with cap – 8 inches high by 1.5 inches wide
Colored beads – 10 milliliters
Six clear PET Cups – 4 ounces
Aluminum foil sheet
Instruction cards
Recommended for children ages 8 and older with adult supervision.

Science Fair Connections

To develop a science fair project, you will need to identify and test variables. A variable is something you change that might alter the results of the science experiment. A valid test keeps everything else the same except the single variable being tested.

Here are some examples of variables you could test with the Electric Test Tubes activity at your next science fair:

A plain liquid other than water may be a better conductor and improve the reaction of the Energy Stick. Determine what it might be.
A material dissolved in the liquid, like salt, sugar or baking soda, might affect the reaction. Use the procedure to determine the material that best improves the results.
Use the procedure to determine the ideal amount of a dissolved material (its concentration) needed to improve the results.
It could be that the temperature of the liquid makes a difference in how the Energy Stick reacts to the test. Determine that ideal temperature.
Do all of these tests independently to positively identify the ultimate method to achieve a reaction from the Energy Stick using the Electric Test Tubes activity.
You can also come up with your own variable to test and go claim that first place prize.


This science electric kit is a step above the rest. When you order our Electricity Science Kit, you’re bringing home a STEM electricity kit that has been designed with great care and attention to detail by an award-winning team of science educators and education experts. At Steve Spangler Science, we take great pride in our STEM science kits, and this science electric kit is no different. Know that when you order our electricity kits for students or children at home, you’re getting experiments and lessons tailored for an engaging and memorable experience for young minds.


The Electricity Science Kit is just the beginning! Explore beyond our STEM electricity experiments with a subscription to our Steve Spangler Science Club. This monthly subscription takes the idea behind our STEM electricity kit one step further. What if your child could explore a different STEM science kit every month? With our Steve Spangler Science Club subscription, you can select from three months up to a year, and have STEM experiments and activities like the Electricity Science Kit delivered to your home. You’ll get STEM monthly kits that cover a wide range of disciplines, from our Amazing Scientist Chemistry Kit to Bubblology Science Kit, all designed with great care and scientific know-how that you can count on!


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